Fall 2023

Rockets in Flight
Posted on 10/02/2023
8th Grade Rocket ProjectLet the countdown begin.  Students push the limits to engineer their rocket with precision, creativity and craftsmanship.  The goal:  To outfly your classmates.  Through the Bungee Rocket Project, students develop varying skills and push themselves to be better in the friendly competition where year long bragging rights are held by the victor.  

Students work through the engineering process by testing different materials in creating their rockets.  Creativity was not left out as students let their expression and interests reveal in their design.  All in anticipation to see what design will outlive and outfly its competition.  The understanding of scientific principles came into play in student discussions through the test flights.  Mr. Milton and Mrs. Walters stop the action to break down flight patterns and discuss with students the peaks and pitfalls of varying designs.

Throughout the flight tests, students play out different rolls including data collector, measurer, retriever, launcher, and more.  The amount of group interaction and curiousity permeates around the launch site as students speculate and anticipate the next launch.

Post launch students reflect on their successes and opportunities to redesign their rockets to improve their understanding in engineering, science, creativity and craftsmanship.  The end result is not to seek perfection, but to continue to find ways to improve.  
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